Sprayable Sleep: Your Personal Sandman

After a long day of hard work, you come home tired and lay down in bed waiting for sleep to embrace you in its arms. But, all you get is a disappointment. Your body is tired, and craving for sleep but your brain just won’t shut down. Frustrating right? We all have been in this situation sometime or the other. Now, the main problem begins when a person starts facing this more frequently. After nights and nights of tossing and turning on the bed or staring blankly at the ceiling, when they are not left with any option, they finally take the help of sleeping pills. But, did you know sleeping medications are not meant for long-term use because these drugs can have drastic effects on our body? It is not advisable even by doctors to take sleeping pills regularly.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Sleeping Pills?

It may be tempting for you to head towards the bottle of pills because you are desperate enough to get some good night’s sleep. But you don’t realize that for a moment of satisfaction, you are harming your body to a great level. These are some of the harmful effects of sleeping pills that you may not know about.

  • Your Body Builds Up Tolerance: When you continue to take these pills for a very long period of time, your body develops a resistance to these drugs. In that case, you will have to take higher doses to get the same sleep-inducing effect. But, that increases the risk of the side-effects even more.


  • Parasomnia: Certain sleeping drugs can cause Parasomnia. It is a state, where a person sleepwalks and does things while they are sleep-walking. People with Parasomnia don’t even recall the things they did once they wake up. This habit of sleep-walking can prove risky at times.


  • Develops An Addiction: For some people, it becomes impossible to sleep without taking sleeping pills after they become habituated to these medications.


  • The risk of Death And Cancer: Studies have shown that consuming sleeping drugs for a prolonged period of time can reduce your lifespan. Not only it does affect your lifespan, but it can also develop some sort of cancer.


  • Allergic Reaction: Some people may be allergic to certain compounds present in these drugs, which may result in serious swelling of the face and can cause breathing problems too.


  • Hangover: People suffering from hangover usually find it very difficult to wake up in the morning and may also feel very drowsy, dizzy or nauseatic.


  • Memory Loss: People above the age group of 60 may face a lot of memory loss problems if they continue to take sleeping medications for long


  • Behavioural Change: It is common among people to display traits of irritability, who are addicted to taking sleeping pills.

As we all know nothing comes without a price, for a good night’s sleep, these pills tend to take away the well-being of your health. But, no more do you have to face the threats of these pills. Our doctors have invented a much-awaited product called the sprayable melatonin, which is 100% side-effect free. All you have to do is spray it on the sides of your neck before you go to bed. And you can witness the magic spell take over you within no time. So stop thinking and give it a try.

The False Information about Lavender Oil and Your Skin

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"For nearly 3000 years, lavender oil has been used medicinally by healers and doctors. It has been used in the treatment of insomnia, irritated abdomen, and many other ailments where a soothing solution to the problem would be the ideal remedy.

This has included the treatment of several different kinds of skin conditions and with good reason. The use of lavender oil for skin conditions, such as dry skin, sunburns, other kinds of burns, and even for cuts and abrasions, has been proven to be ideal for anyone who has been suffering from any of these maladies. In fact, if you have dry skin or other kinds of irritabilities to your epidermis, lavender oil can be the absolute perfect solution, and it has been for thousands of years.

A Myth Arises

With such positive results, many companies within the cosmetic industry have turned to lavender oil as a great means to help those who are suffering from rashes and irritations. In many lotions and soaps you will find that lavender oil is a key ingredient as its popularity with these companies and with consumers has rapidly grown.

Sadly, despite the positive results that people have had with lavender oils, there is a growing critique of the oil that it is actually more of an irritant than a solution to the problem. What is so sad about this is that many doctors and researchers have arisen who have added fuel to the fire. This makes many wonder if there is really a cause to be concerned about using these oils.

What Does the Research Prove

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how lavender oil actually causes the skin cells to die, especially in the outer layers, and that this is making it a greater danger to the user. The addition of its fragrance, long thought to be a positive of the oils, has also come under attack.

The truth is that there is some validity to what is being said, but not as one would think. First, the average consumer may not be aware of this, but the truth is that the outer layers of your skin are already dead. Lavender oils are not killing these cells; they are already deceased.

Some researchers acknowledge this, but they further claim that the lavender oil attacks healthy cells further beneath the skin, causing them to die or die sooner. To this, the research is unclear. However, there is some research that concludes that this is actually more beneficial in the long run. The lavender kills off decaying cells so that the healthier cells rise to the surface quicker. This is supposed to help to reduce the aging process.

While some have reported that the lavender oil will cause irritation and even lead to a rash, this is true of virtually anything you can take. There is no product you can consume or apply that will be 100 percent safe for everyone. That is a lie if anyone says otherwise.

Lavender oil for skin treatment is a great remedy and a great choice to improve overall health.

Medicinal Benefits Of Using Castor Oil

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "castor fruit"There are many types of essential oil which are currently available in the market, and the beneficial uses of these essential oils are not new to the world. Since, the ancient time these essential oils are used for the treatment of many kinds of health issues. Though there are many essential oils but people mostly prefer to go with the castor oil. This is most famous and used essential oil for the medical purpose. It is because this essential oil is very rich is proteins, minerals, vitamin E and also possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Although the taste of this essential is not appropriate but its beneficial uses and properties over shadow all its low points. This oil is an instant use home remedy if you know how to use it. There are many other substances in which you can mix this essential oil and can make it more useful as a home remedy.

Medicinal uses of castor oil

There are many medicinal uses of this essential oil such as –

  • Skin problems – this essential oil has worked as a blessing in the treatment of many skin problems such as sun burn, acne, boils, dry skin, itching, abrasion and many other skin issues. This essential oil works as a natural moisturizer to the skin that goes deep inside the skin and determines the making of elastin and collagen which helps the skin to hydrate and keeps the skin smooth and soft. This essential oil is also very helpful in the treatment as well as in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Joint health – joint pain is one of the common health conditions among the elders as well as in the women. But the application of this oil in the joints will greatly reduce the pain as this essential oil has the property of anti-inflammatory which helps your joints to overcome the swelling and inflammation. This essential oil also works as a blessing for people who are suffering from the arthritis because application of this oil will provide you great relief.
  • Constipation – as you know this oil is used for multiple purposes, one of the hidden advantages of this oil is that, it is also used as a laxative substance. Use of this essential oil in the constipation can provide you very much relief. This is because when you take this essential oil it releases oleic acid in the stomach which helps the intestine to cure the constipation problem. This oil is also known as hot oil, when you take this oil it also helps your body to digest the food that remains undigested and it also cleans your stomach by creating a proper bowl movement.
  • Allergies – the oil can also be very useful in the treatment of the different types of allergies, as allergies are of two types internal as well as external. You can also take this oil according to both the methods. Application of this oil can also help you to get rid from the moles, warts corns etc.


How Miraculous The Garcinia Cambogia Pills Really Are?

Image associéeAlmost every other month, it seems that the Internet becomes obsessed with another obscure ingredient of natural provenience claiming to lead to miraculous effects regarding the body’s health and its affections. And with obesity becoming a worldwide problem, it comes as no surprise that more and more people become obsessed with losing weight and are desperate enough to try pretty much everything on the market, no matter how dark or reluctant may seem.


A few years back when the Garcinia Cambogia first started, this product was marketed as one of the most innovative and efficient methods to lose weight naturally. Obviously, plenty of people bought the chimera promising to help lose a significant amount of weight without any effort.


The product was then marketed as safe and even associated with numerous clinical studies that proved its efficiency. It was even associated with the reputed and well-known American celebrity, Dr. Oz, so that more people would trust this choice of supplements.


What is Garcinia Cambogia and why all the fuss about it?


Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit originating from Indonesia and known for its multitude of vitamins and minerals contained. The fruit is even tasty and makes for an important diet addition to locals from Indonesia. However, what stroke the interest of pills manufacturers across the globe was the fruit’s rather high content of hydroxycitric acid of HCA. Some preliminary studies conducted link the high intakes of hydroxycitric acid contained in the extract from Garcinia Cambogia with inhibiting appetite which may lead to weight loss. This acid also prevents fat from depositing on the body, thus it was seen as the new miraculous form to lose weight without efforts.


What are the potential side effects of Garcinia Cambogia?


Although potentially benefic for the body due to its generous intakes of calcium, phosphorus and iron, the Garcinia Cambogia extract is not relevant at all when it comes to its doubtful link to weight loss. There aren’t sufficient studies conducted in the field for a professional and unanimous opinion and, most like all other supplements marketed for weight loss, it was not approved by the FDA.


Unfortunately, there is one downside when considering using Garcinia Cambogia extract supplement pills for weight loss, especially since these products go on the market without a license from FDA.


There are also some of downfalls regarding these supplements from a legal point of view, as there is no relevant data about the company producing these pills. And there is no official website of any company selling Garcinia Cambogia supplements, or any relevant information or company address to testify the authenticity and professionalism of the company selling or of the supplements themselves. In addition, the assumed company which markets pills based on Garcinia Cambogia extracts was already involved in some of complains. But, there are plenty of online testimonials from persons who bought the products and claimed they experienced positive effects by using these pills for weight loss. So it’s worth to try.



Is Tea Tree Oil Suitable To Treat Pet’s Skin Disease?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"Allergy is common not only to human beings but also to animals. Your pets also perhaps have the tendency to suffer from allergy. It has been seen that almost one out of seven dogs may experience allergy problems, including inflammation, irritation and itching. Your dogs may also have various kinds of allergies from foods, allergens, dirt, molds and pollens. They can also have infection on skin of mild or moderate level. When you have an infection, you possibly think of using some plant extracted product, like tea tree oil. However, many pet owners ask a question on whether this oil is suitable for their furry animals.

Tea tree oil- Can it give good result to the pets?

According to some experts, TTO has lots of curative qualities, which may help in protecting the skin of dogs. While used in diluted version, this oil may be helpful to treat all the fungal and bacterial infections. Thus, as a guardian of your pet, you have to be careful in diluting TTO so that your little pet may not have any problem after the application of the oil. As the oil helps to care for skin, it is often used for grooming the pets. Your dogs or any other pets will not feel troublesome for their skin issues.

What toxic effects can be caused to pets?

Tea tree oil has a range of constituents, such as, terpenes, and these chemicals have the power in working against fungi and bacteria. However, such agents have a level of toxicity, which affects the users in some cases. If anyone has accidentally ingested the chemicals, there may be a dangerous effect. Especially in dogs and cats, this kind of risk is highly potential. Signs of toxicity differ on the basis of the dosage of oil, which has been ingested. Some of the minor impacts include vomiting, drooling and problem in walking. Animals, which have moderate infection, may be become feeble.

Treating the toxicity to keep your pet animal safe

You cannot find any antidote, which may reverse the action of terpenes. The toxicity level determines how the treatment needs to be done. Mild infection can be managed with the decontamination of skin by using soap. Moreover, it is not good to induce vomiting. Control over vomiting by using medications seems to be essential prior to the administration of charcoal. If your pet is exposed to terpenes and it has some problems, you have to start its treatment within seventy two hours.

Though the oil from tea tree is good to treat some skin issues of animals, it may not be safe for pets in all cases. Sometimes, the pet owners are not able to calculate the amount oil, which is to be applied to the pets. Besides, if your pet is too inquisitive, you have to keep the oil out of reach of the pets. With all these measures, you may maintain the safety of pets. You can also use the oil for your own purpose; however, do not forget to dilute it.

Grab The Best Natural Supplements And Get Benefitted

According to the latest surveys conducted by the various well reputed survey companies it has come to be known that there are lot of people in this world who are suffering from the common health issue that is obesity. The main reason which causes obesity is due to inappropriate lifestyle and little awareness for the importance of health.

Obesity has become one of the most common reasons for various other health issues such as a bad immune system, heart diseases and much more. In order to fight from this major issue there are many well known and reputed companies who took the initiative and launched various supplements which are helpful in reducing weight. However, there are many weight loss supplements available in the market, but experts and health practitioners always recommend using pure verified forskolin. This is a natural supplement that is considered best among the rest and it is widely used by the consumers and their feedbacks also came very positive which proves that it is the best natural supplement available in the market.

There are many companies who claimed that their natural supplement is the best, but when you are choosing a company for this natural supplement, you should do some research and take the feedback from the consumers who use these supplements.

How to choose these natural supplements?

It is hard to find the right natural supplement for yourself which can actually help you to lose your weight. It is due to the fact that there are many companies available which make your choice difficult but here are some tips which you need to keep in mind while purchasing these natural supplements such as –

  • Choose the supplement which is highly recommended by the doctors and when you go to purchase these products make sure to check that the supplement has all the quality ingredients which help you in weight loss. You can check the quality of the supplement by matching the product ingredient by the list of clinically approved ingredients which are effective in weight loss.
  • Make sure that the product you purchase is research verified that means check that the supplement is safe, secure and effective.

Benefits of using

Use of this natural supplement containing forskolin not only cures obesity but has also proved to be very effective in other health issues as well. Here are some other health issues which can also be cured by the use of these supplements such as –

Allergies – allergy is a very common disease which can affect anyone. Allergy occurs when you come close to a particular item from which you have allergy. Sometimes, allergy can cause a very serious health issue. You should not ignore the affect of allergy. If anyone suffering from it, it is advised to immediately take these natural supplements which can help you to overcome the allergy.

This supplement can be used for treating many other problems like heart disease, cancer, controlling blood pressure and inflammation of the lungs etc. Make sure that you check the concentration of the extract before purchasing the supplement.