Is Tea Tree Oil Suitable To Treat Pet’s Skin Disease?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"Allergy is common not only to human beings but also to animals. Your pets also perhaps have the tendency to suffer from allergy. It has been seen that almost one out of seven dogs may experience allergy problems, including inflammation, irritation and itching. Your dogs may also have various kinds of allergies from foods, allergens, dirt, molds and pollens. They can also have infection on skin of mild or moderate level. When you have an infection, you possibly think of using some plant extracted product, like tea tree oil. However, many pet owners ask a question on whether this oil is suitable for their furry animals.

Tea tree oil- Can it give good result to the pets?

According to some experts, TTO has lots of curative qualities, which may help in protecting the skin of dogs. While used in diluted version, this oil may be helpful to treat all the fungal and bacterial infections. Thus, as a guardian of your pet, you have to be careful in diluting TTO so that your little pet may not have any problem after the application of the oil. As the oil helps to care for skin, it is often used for grooming the pets. Your dogs or any other pets will not feel troublesome for their skin issues.

What toxic effects can be caused to pets?

Tea tree oil has a range of constituents, such as, terpenes, and these chemicals have the power in working against fungi and bacteria. However, such agents have a level of toxicity, which affects the users in some cases. If anyone has accidentally ingested the chemicals, there may be a dangerous effect. Especially in dogs and cats, this kind of risk is highly potential. Signs of toxicity differ on the basis of the dosage of oil, which has been ingested. Some of the minor impacts include vomiting, drooling and problem in walking. Animals, which have moderate infection, may be become feeble.

Treating the toxicity to keep your pet animal safe

You cannot find any antidote, which may reverse the action of terpenes. The toxicity level determines how the treatment needs to be done. Mild infection can be managed with the decontamination of skin by using soap. Moreover, it is not good to induce vomiting. Control over vomiting by using medications seems to be essential prior to the administration of charcoal. If your pet is exposed to terpenes and it has some problems, you have to start its treatment within seventy two hours.

Though the oil from tea tree is good to treat some skin issues of animals, it may not be safe for pets in all cases. Sometimes, the pet owners are not able to calculate the amount oil, which is to be applied to the pets. Besides, if your pet is too inquisitive, you have to keep the oil out of reach of the pets. With all these measures, you may maintain the safety of pets. You can also use the oil for your own purpose; however, do not forget to dilute it.

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