The False Information about Lavender Oil and Your Skin

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"For nearly 3000 years, lavender oil has been used medicinally by healers and doctors. It has been used in the treatment of insomnia, irritated abdomen, and many other ailments where a soothing solution to the problem would be the ideal remedy.

This has included the treatment of several different kinds of skin conditions and with good reason. The use of lavender oil for skin conditions, such as dry skin, sunburns, other kinds of burns, and even for cuts and abrasions, has been proven to be ideal for anyone who has been suffering from any of these maladies. In fact, if you have dry skin or other kinds of irritabilities to your epidermis, lavender oil can be the absolute perfect solution, and it has been for thousands of years.

A Myth Arises

With such positive results, many companies within the cosmetic industry have turned to lavender oil as a great means to help those who are suffering from rashes and irritations. In many lotions and soaps you will find that lavender oil is a key ingredient as its popularity with these companies and with consumers has rapidly grown.

Sadly, despite the positive results that people have had with lavender oils, there is a growing critique of the oil that it is actually more of an irritant than a solution to the problem. What is so sad about this is that many doctors and researchers have arisen who have added fuel to the fire. This makes many wonder if there is really a cause to be concerned about using these oils.

What Does the Research Prove

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how lavender oil actually causes the skin cells to die, especially in the outer layers, and that this is making it a greater danger to the user. The addition of its fragrance, long thought to be a positive of the oils, has also come under attack.

The truth is that there is some validity to what is being said, but not as one would think. First, the average consumer may not be aware of this, but the truth is that the outer layers of your skin are already dead. Lavender oils are not killing these cells; they are already deceased.

Some researchers acknowledge this, but they further claim that the lavender oil attacks healthy cells further beneath the skin, causing them to die or die sooner. To this, the research is unclear. However, there is some research that concludes that this is actually more beneficial in the long run. The lavender kills off decaying cells so that the healthier cells rise to the surface quicker. This is supposed to help to reduce the aging process.

While some have reported that the lavender oil will cause irritation and even lead to a rash, this is true of virtually anything you can take. There is no product you can consume or apply that will be 100 percent safe for everyone. That is a lie if anyone says otherwise.

Lavender oil for skin treatment is a great remedy and a great choice to improve overall health.

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